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The Paragem AFSL is a unique opportunity for successful, professional advisers to provide high quality advice, entirely focused on the customer need and free of product obligations - effectively a post-FoFA business model from the outset.

Cultural alignment is one important element of our long term ambition to grow into a diverse private client style enterprise providing a ‘higher level’ of personal advice.  As a rule of thumb, practices operating under the Paragem AFSL prefer to be part of a wider operating and thought leadership environment, sharing intellectual property, garnering scale and accessing levels of governance not ordinarily available in a single practice.

One key differentiator in Paragem’s success was the early establishment and successful management of a professional service firm known as Paragem Dealer Services. Now sold to netwealth and rebranded Pathway Licensee Services, Paragem is still able to access the services required to effectively support high quality practices.

The Paragem AFSL is the proven solution for advisers looking strategically at the options available to help them develop a more resilient advice business, providing:

  • Independence to develop and grow your own brand and value proposition;
  • Freedom to select the best platform and products for your clients’ needs;
  • Practical advice on how to reduce investment costs, broaden your service offering and reclaim the value of your practice;
  • Comprehensive licensee services and expert assistance to provide a smooth transition and on-going risk management;
  • Assistance with transition, providing a smooth change over to a fresh environment.

Paragem is a wholly owned subsidiary of HUB24 Limited, a contemporary investment platform specialising in managed account administration and reporting. HUB24 provides a point of differentiation for Paragem advisers, while enabling them to remain agnostic when it comes to investment or insurance product selection.

To find out more about how your advice business could benefit from becoming a participant firm within the Paragem AFSL, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here to provide your details and a Paragem representative will contact you.

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Paragem advisers are free to run their own business, promote their own brand, assert their professionalism and provide high quality advice.


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Head Office:
Level 1, 10 Bridge Street,
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Phone: (02) 8036 6490