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Paragem provides a total service package for its advisers, enabling practices to focus their entire attention on providing advice and growing their business.

  • Paragem obtains Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance cover for the activities of our Authorised Representatives pursuant to their authorisation.
  • Paragem provides fee and commission collection, administration and distribution services for its advisers.
  • Paragem administers a Compliance Committee, ensuring that all obligations on the licensee are being met.
  • Paragem administers a Research and Investment Committee to manage and distribute the Approved Product List (APL), including the assessment of requests to add additional products. The APL is extensive but rarely deviates to allow exotic, unknown boutiques, derivatives or extreme tax effective products.
  • Paragem will use our industry knowledge and relationships to negotiate industry leading platform administration fees.
  • Alternatively Paragem will assist you to understand how to re-engineer your revenue by moving away from traditional platform / managed fund investment solutions towards managed accounts, enabling you to build secure, recurring advice fees independent of product commissions or margin sharing and without having to perform the administration work in-house.
  • Paragem provides comprehensive support services for each Authorised Representative, including:
    • Compliance monitoring
    • Professional development
    • Financial planning software, including provision of the Model Office advice document template suite and practice management processes, data feed management and on call access to XPLAN expertise, guidance and advice.

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Paragem advisers are free to run their own business, promote their own brand, assert their professionalism and provide high quality advice.


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Head Office:
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Phone: (02) 8036 6490